Tuesday, November 16, 2010

About My League of Legends Career.

Hiya. I'm Ardesawr and I play on US servers of League of Legends. I am currently level 23 and am part of the unofficial gaming team named "Team snEk".
I've played a few champions in my days as a summoner, and have recently been trying many different champions for lulz.
My first champion that I actually played was Ashe, which I grew attached to after the tutorial mission. I played her mainly Attack Speed, like a lot of the champions I played in my early days. For whatever reason, stacking Attack speed was a lot more user friendly to me than Ability power, which I barely understood at this point. Ashe was getting lame for me, especially since she was way to squishy for my liking. Then again, I was only playing practice games at this point, and had almost no idea what I was really doing.
I played Teemo one week since he was a free champion and instantly fell in love. EXTREMELY user-friendly as a champion and skills; you can get kills left and right without doing anything other than spamming your skills on every champion that gets close enough to you. I usually went Greaves -> Malady -> Sword of Divine -> Last Whisper -> Phantom Dancer. Even now I had little idea what I was doing.
My true moment of revelation in League of Legends occurred about a week after I actually started to play normal games. I was playing against another Teemo and the first thing i typed into All chat was "IMPOSTOR ENEMY TEEMO! PREPARE DEATH!".
Even though the enemy Teemo was a total Arse-Hole, he was playing AP. One blinding dart and a Shroom did considerable amounts of damage late game. I instantly grew respectful, researched, and fell in love with AP Teemo.
My build usually went as follows:
Amp Tome -> Kage Lucky Pick X 2 -> Sorcerers Shoes -> Mejais -> Lich Bane -> Zhonya -> (Sell picks) Rylais/Void Staff
I basically dominated. Of course I had those games with crappy teammates or just plain beastly opponents. Generally, though, I came to "master" AP teemo, getting in blinding darts between tower shots, expert shroom placement, move quick right after getting hit.
I then discovered mobafire.com and found the "Shaco the Insane" build. I gave him a test run and then decided to buy him. Hes nice, but I don't really consider myself a DPSer.
I am currently trying out Galio and Malhazar, both of which i adore and think are very interesting.
Oh, and I already PAID for them, so even if I can't figure them out, I'm stuck with them.

Stay tuned for some posts on ranting over cheap champions and gloating! :D
Have fun, summoners!

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